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Schneider Conext XW 60-150 MPPT Charge Controller


Conext MPPT 60-150 charge controller

The Conext MPPT 60-150 charge controller is a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that tracks the electrical maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries.

When charging, the Conext MPPT 60-150 regulates battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array and state-of-charge of the battery.

The charge controller can be used with 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60-volt DC battery systems and is able to charge a lower nominal-voltage battery from a higher nominal-voltage array. For example, the Conext MPPT 60-150 can charge a 12-volt battery from a 36-volt array. This provides flexibility for installers to use longer wiring runs without compromising efficiency.

This solar charge controller can be installed (in single or multi-unit configurations) with Xantrex XW+ Hybrid Inverter/Charger(s) or can be used in other solar energy systems where a solar charge controller is needed.

The Conext MPPT 60-150 incorporates a dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm designed to maximize energy harvest from the PV array.

The MPPT constantly adjusts the operating points of the array to ensure it stays on the maximum power point. It does not stop energy harvest to sweep the array like some other competing products.

This feature is beneficial all sunlight conditions, especially in areas with fast moving cloud cover and quickly changing solar conditions.

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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17 × 8 × 8 inches
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Residential and backup power
  • Off-grid solarSmall commercial
  • Community electrification
  • Devices configure quickly into a stylish wall mounted system
  • Inverters connect both grid and generator power with dual AC input
  • Remote monitoring and configuration
  • Replaceable boards and components
  • Global support
  • Adapts to single and three-phase systems
  • Scales to 36 kW for commercial or large electrification installations
  • Supports DC coupled and AC coupled solutions
  • Robust design through rigorous reliability testing (HALT)
  • Proven field performance: 7 years with high reliability, globally in multiple applications and environments
  • Harness the continuously declining production cost of solar power
  • Hybrid integration of generator reduces diesel fuel costs
  • World leader in industrial power drives, UPS and electrical distribution
  • Strong service infrastructure worldwide to support your global needs
  • MPN: Conext MPPT 60-150

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